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VIX Series

Packaged Vertical Firetube Design (fully submerged tubes)

Vertical fire-tube design features high efficient X-ID Finned Fire-Tubes. Skid mounted packaged systems install easily. VIX Series offers a smaller foot print than most typical vertical boilers.

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Low NOx Boilers

Low Emission Boiler and Burner Technology Engineered for the Environment

Boiler and Burner Technology Engineering for a Cleaner Environment. Hurst developed its first low emission (Low NOx) boiler in 1992, and has been incorporating new technologies to improve upon green boilers ever since.

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VHF Series

Vertical Hand-Fired Boilers

The VHF (Vertical Hand Fired) Hybrid Boiler is the latest advance from Hurst, representing our ongoing development in Solid Fuel Boiler Technology.

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4VT Cyclone Steam

Four Pass High-Pressure Vertical Tubeless Boilers

The Cyclone Steam Boiler provides for exceptionally high efficiencies, lower fuel costs, and extremely rugged construction.

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Skid-Packaged Boiler Systems

Fully modular, skid-mounted units designed for minimizing over all footprint and shipping expense

Hurst Boiler offers premium customized boiler skid packages for all types of steam and hot water boiler applications.

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Unical BAHR’12 OR

Unical BAHR'12 OR Steam Boiler

High pressure steam boiler, three pass reversed flame, smooth pipes with turbulators, 90% efficiency
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Trevil Geyser 58L

Trevil Geyser 58 Litre Electric Boiler

The total power of the generator is split into smaller heating elements that may be individually controlled.

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Unical Trypass

Industrial High Pressure Packaged Steam Boiler

Packaged smoke tube steam boilers, genuine three-pass, and wet back ensuring low heating loads in the combustion chamber
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Steam Boiler Sales from Complete Steam Solutions

Complete Steam Solutions has over 20 years of experience within the boiler industry. We offer a range of steam boilers, hot water boilers, thermal fluid boilers, packaged plant rooms and skid-mounted boiler systems from Hurst, Unical & Trevil.

Our commercial and industrial steam boiler range has options for vertical steam boilers and horizontal steam boilers ranging in output from 10 kg/h to 28,000 kg/h. We offer customers scalable solutions from our suppliers along with all steam boiler accessories. We supply a large range of hot water boilers starting from 70 kW up to 6000 kW including a full turnkey packages, site survey and specification service. We provide the most efficient and economic boiler solutions for your requirements.

We specialise in gas boilers, oil boilers, biogas boilers, biomass boilers or dual fuel boilers, working closely with a number of burner companies to ensure the best option for your requirements. In addition we offer steam boiler maintenance, preparation for annual insurance inspection, boiler installation, pipework installation and commissioning.

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